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We always wish that all snacks were full of flavour, fun and easy to eat, easy to carry and great for sharing!


Health and Nutrition
Designed for a healthier lifestyle. No added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavours!

In a world where everything is done on the go, this is a practical way to eat well anywhere! Simple, Grab&Go!

We are always looking for new ways to eat fruit! We will surprise you!
    We always wish that all snacks were full of flavour, fun and easy to eat, easy to carry and great for sharing!
    The DINUTRI snacks are all this and more! They are 100% natural, no added sugar or preservatives and are made in Portugal with genuinely Portuguese raw materials.
    You will find in each package, your daily moment of pleasure. At work or at the school, making a break at the gym or on the way home. Very practical in individual sachets, it`s so tasty that will be difficult to share!

    When we created our products, we want to improve healthy food eating habits, by putting available, nutritionally balanced snacks, made from 100% fruit. Simply delicious without any added sugars, fats or preservatives.
    Gluten free, sugar or salt added our products can also be consumed by coeliacs, diabetics or heart patients. Our values are present at each of our products, snacks and funny high quality produced by a 100% natural process. A tasty, healthy and innovative alternative entirely produced in Portugal.


Conflitos de consumo

De acordo com a Lei nº 144/2015 informamos que em caso de litígio, os senhores consumidores podem recorrer ao CNIACC - Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo ou aceder a este site oficial e expor a sua contestação.

With DINUTRI pears and apples are the queens in my nutrition! So good to delight at any time of the day! With a healthy, purely and genuine snack. Additionally, it promotes and allows us to enjoy pleasure with a sweet little healthy whether in travel, training, or just because feel like without guilt;-) Thanks DINUTRI!

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